Northwestern University graduate. Versatile designer with skills in data visualization, UX/UI, and brand development. Proven mentor and collaborator with strong business acumen. Developed strategy and information visualization for some of the world’s best-known brands. Great with a marker.

Hello. For over 15 years, I’ve focused on creating clean, informative design developed from complicated content. I have experience navigating large-scale projects and communicating information clearly to users, to readers, and to teams. I whole-heartedly believe in transparency, teamwork, good communication, and making the world a better place everyday. I'm a mix of digital and a little bit of analog. I'm a lover of learning who studied in Paris and have a strong background in architecture, typography, and brand development. And, I love a good challenge—I won a Blue Ribbon for Best Pie at the Minnesota State Fair.

Experienced in:
DATA and INFORMATION DESIGN  Infographics, data visualization, process mapping, diagrams and charts, digital dashboards
UX | UI DESIGN  Wireframe development, user stories, UI component and screen design, prototype creation (for mobile and web)
CONSULTING and IDEA GENERATION  Brand development, visual thinking, strategic consulting, live sketching, workshop facilitation
DESIGN LEADERSHIP  Mentorship, leading collaborative teams, adjunct instruction
PUBLICATION DESIGN  Executive reports, white papers, corporate presentations, magazines
BUSINESS COLLATERAL  Business templates (such as Word and PPT), marketing proposals, sales pages, stationery
ILLUSTRATION  Custom icons, logo and visual identity creation, hand lettering